A visit to Titan’s Rebirth

A visit to Titan’s Rebirth

Engineering masterpiece begins a new chapter in its long history after a challenging retrofit that involved the Vesam team.

Last January 22, Vesam’s Management mobilized all its employees for a team building activity that included a visit to the Titan Replica, a challenging project that involved Vesam’s engineering, manufacturing and assembly.

The “colossal” Titan crane, a mark of Portuguese and world industrial heritage for its unique characteristics, used in the construction of the Port of Leixões, in Matosinhos, in the 19th century, has been recovered, reborn, and is open to visitors since October 2021.

In 2012, already in a high state of degradation, this colossal iron crane, unique in the world for being steam-powered, suffered an accident and toppled over, but the Port Authority (APDL) saved the largest number of components that has now allowed the structure to be recovered, in an investment of two million euros.

The Titan, on the south side of the Port of Leixões, appears with many of its original parts, especially the mechanical components, and it is now possible to visit it along its almost 69 metres long and 17 metres high.

The Titan’s spear is visitable in all its length and in the end it is possible to contemplate the view that covers the cities of Porto and Matosinhos, its beaches, the Atlantic Ocean or the Port of Leixões, where it is possible to watch the loading and unloading of goods but also the embarkation and disembarkation of passengers in the terminal.

The reconstruction process could be followed on the facebook page “Titan- O Renascer”.

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