Adaptive Engineering conquers African market

Adaptive Engineering conquers African market

The more than 100 bridges installed over 13 years in Africa are the recognition of this market for the efficiency of this solution, whose demand remains very active: this year, Vesam contracted 3 more bridges (Cunhinga, Muxinda and Mueje).


VESAM’s vast experience in steel bridges has allowed to identify some of the biggest challenges in the construction of bridges in remote locations: the low availability and high cost of lifting equipment.

Bearing in mind these difficulties and their impacts on customers, Vesam has developed over the last few years the concept of Adaptive Engineering.

This design approach focuses on the total cost of construction, adapting the design of the bridge to the geographical, logistical and human constraints and conditions of the construction site.

Adaptive Engineering

Our designs always ensure that the heaviest loose part will be manageable by the existing means previously indicated by the contractor.

Integrated Formwork

VESAM bridges integrate the deck formwork into the steel structure, reducing on-site execution times and, at the same time, increasing safety.

Bolted Connections

Our projects favor bolted connections of the copper-joint type, avoiding on-site welding whenever possible. This constructive principle circumvents the difficulties of hiring skilled labor and quality control technicians in remote locations.

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