Bridging the future With more than 100 bridges installed in different geographies, VESAM has remarkable experience and the ability to intervene even in the most remote locations. With more than 100 bridges installed in different geographies, VESAM has remarkable experience and the ability to intervene even in the most remote locations. Bridging the future

Since antiquity, bridges are fundamental structures for the connection and approximation of populations, overcoming obstacles that Nature has imposed on us. This need is global and its urgency brings with it the greatest technical and logistical challenges.

VESAM, with more than 100 bridges installed in different geographies, has remarkable experience and the ability to intervene even in the most remote locations. Knowledge of the state of the art, together with this track-record, allowed the continuous development of our technique of building bridges.

Today, we use Adaptive Engineering to scale and design bridges for the most difficult contexts, facilitating logistics and simplifying assembly.

We design our bridges in an integrated way in the communication route, in the relief and in the soils, using the most advanced BIM technologies.

Our bridges are fast to build and cost-effective and therefore widely used in different markets.


Because we design bridges using the most advanced BIM (Building Information Modeling) technologies enabling fast, cost-effective construction even in the most difficult contexts.

Passion for engineering

We have over 15 years of experience in the design and execution of innovative solutions in metal structures, ensuring maximum rigor and commitment to our customers.

The work of understanding the client’s needs and adapting to the reality of the work site, portrayed in drawings and initial virtualizations, is fundamental.

We have always used BIM technology, not only to speed up our calculation process – detail, but also to allow our customers to integrate the metal structure into solutions construction projects.

Adaptive engineering

VESAM’s vast experience in metal bridges allows us to identify one of the biggest challenges in building bridges in remote locations: the low availability of means of lifting.

Bearing in mind this difficulty, and what it represents for our customers, the company was able to circumvent it and transform it into a competitive advantage, developing the project according to the capacity of the means available. 

Integrated formwork

VESAM bridges integrate the formwork of the deck into the metal structure, reducing execution times on site and, at the same time, increasing safety.

Bolted connections = less welding

Our projects favor screw connections, namely, of the copper-joint type, avoiding, whenever possible, welding on site.

This constructive principle circumvents the difficulties of hiring specialized labor and quality control in remote locations

At VESAM, the assembly process begins with detailed planning and a studied assembly sequence, including all aspects of safety. The quality of our on-site work is evidenced by different aspects:
  • Rigorous and methodical implementation;
  • Correct alignment of structures;
  • Touching of the anticorrosive coating;
  • Record of all quality inspections;
Our teams are highly specialized and aware of security aspects. Our method is based on commitment and transparency. At the end of each day, the system produces a report of the work done with photographs.

Assembly and control of your work

Assembly and control of your work

We are committed to honoring the safety of all stakeholders in our projects, from our employees to our partners.

Our methodology promotes accident prevention in any context and encourages the safe execution of all activities, in accordance with best practices and
international benchmarks.

We cultivate security to collect satisfaction.

Structural performance follow-up

Our mission goes beyond the completion of the project.

From the moment it enters service, the structural performance of our structures can be followed by a monitoring system entirely designed by VESAM.



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