Development Of A Structural Health Monitoring System

Development Of A Structural Health Monitoring System

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) is fundamental to identify the structural behavior, in particular of special structures, allowing the validation of design hypothesis, the development of more economical solutions and the prediction of deterioration. In general, the existing structural health monitoring systems present a high cost when installed in current structures. In opposition to this trend and aiming to promote a culture of structural health monitoring, VESAM is developing a new low-cost structural health monitoring system that can be installed in all current structures without representing a new significant cost.


Filipe Santos 1, Bruno Jorge1, Pedro Santos1

1 VESAM Engenharia SA, Zona Industrial de Cantanhede, Lote 69, Cantanhede, Portugal 


Paper presented in the “IX Congresso de Construção Metálica e Mista” and “I Congresso Luso-Brasileiro de Construção Metálica Sustentável”, 24-25 October, 2010, Porto, Portugal (in Portuguese)

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