Filipe Santos: “The EXC4 Class puts us exactly where we belong”

Filipe Santos: “The EXC4 Class puts us exactly where we belong”

The EXC4 Class od execution, is the highest level of classification that a company can obtain for the manufacture of metallic structures, within the scope of Standard EN 1090 – CE Marking. Only a very limited number of manufacturers have this level certified, given the requirements of this normative reference and the requirements for its maintenance.

Filipe Santos, CEO, explains why VESAM decided to position itself at this restricted level.

Why CE Marking?

“First, it is an absolutely necessary legal compliance to regulate the sector. The CE marking introduced a guarantee to customers that the manufacture of structures complied with the best practices in the sector. We were the first in Portugal to have CE marking in 2011, even before it was mandatory, and we did so because it is in our DNA to be a beacon of best practices and innovation in this sector.”

What impact did EN 1090 Certification have on the organization?

“Basically, it forced us to systematize. This systematization was so profound that today we would not know how to do it any other way. On the other hand, we contribute to a phenomenon of acculturation of our suppliers and partners, pushing them to comply with the fundamental requirements of the Standard. This process brings us some satisfaction, as we feel that we are making a positive contribution to improving the quality of the entire supply chain.”

What changes from EXC3 Class to EXC4?

“The big difference is in the rigor. The EXC3 Class already guarantees a set of attributes such as the traceability of materials, operations and controls, capable of ensuring a very high level of quality, but in the EXC4 context, the parameters are more rigorous. In practically all stages of production, stricter criteria are introduced, from the level of material cutting, through the criterion of welding acceptance, to the dimensional tolerances of the parts. This increase in rigor also poses a challenge for the planning teams and operators. There is no product quality without quality in people. Training will tend to be the priority and continuous investment if we want to be at this level. The challenge lies in the people.”

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