From University to Reality: Vesam and the Muangueje Bridge

From University to Reality: Vesam and the Muangueje Bridge

A Dream Takes Shape

Years ago, in the classrooms of the University of Coimbra’s Department of Civil Engineering, a group of young minds dreamed big. Among them were future engineers from Vesam, a company that today proudly unites knowledge with a passion for bridge construction. The annual spaghetti bridge competition was more than just a competition; it was a platform for creativity and the discovery of one’s potential.

From Imagination to Reality

Years passed, and the dreams of those young people became a reality. Guided by experience and a passion for engineering, Vesam’s engineers achieved a milestone: the construction of the Muangueje Bridge in Angola, with an impressive span of 140 meters. More than a monumental structure, this bridge represents the fulfillment of the dreams of those who once walked through the doors of the University of Coimbra.

A Legacy of Knowledge

Vesam believes that true success is built on the foundation of sharing knowledge and investing in the education of future generations. That’s why supporting the University of Coimbra’s spaghetti bridge competition is more than just sponsorship. It’s an opportunity to inspire young talent, foster creativity, and celebrate engineering as a tool for social transformation.

A Bridge Connecting Generations

The Muangueje Bridge is not just a symbol of engineering and development. It is also a link that unites generations of engineers, connecting the dreams of yesterday’s youth to the monumental reality of today. Vesam is proud to be a part of this story, contributing to the future of engineering and the progress of communities.

A Promising Future

With over 100 bridges built and installed, Vesam continues to pave the way for success, driven by innovation and a commitment to excellence. The company knows that the future of engineering is in the hands of the next generation, which is why it invests in the training and development of young talent.


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