Innovation COTEC 2023

Innovation COTEC 2023

3 Innovations guarantee VESAM the COTEC Award for the third consecutive year.
The company’s innovative spirit continues to contribute with differentiating solutions for the metallic construction sector.

Continuing its innovative spirit and constant search for differentiating solutions with the aim of providing the metal construction sector with tools and solutions capable of defining its future, VESAM was once again distinguished with the INNOVATION COTEC award for the third consecutive year.
The three most recent innovation projects developed contributed to this recognition.

Tracker is a web application that promises to revolutionize the way customers track the completion of metallic construction works remotely. It was completely developed from the customer’s perspective, giving it a 3D graphic interface and very intuitive tools.

Through the application, the customer is able to monitor the production status of the structure remotely and in real time, from the manufacturing phase to in situ assembly, in a dynamic and evolving 3D environment.

The 3D model of the structure is represented on the screen, and filters can be applied to verify graphically which part of the structure is already manufactured, already painted, or even assembled.

In addition, a simple click on each of the structural elements allows checking all relevant aspects of production, from raw material certificates, to welding inspections, painting reports, etc…

After several years of research, VESAM is currently completing the last battery of performance tests for its innovative corrosion sensor, integrated into a structural monitoring system. After validating the concept and the results collected in simulations in a controlled environment and with accelerated corrosion, the dream of a corrosion sensor for the metal construction industry and for the long-term monitoring of structures is a reality achieved after several iterations and constant search for a way to monitor a structuring problem in the sector.

This device, combined with software with artificial intelligence algorithms, will make it possible to assess the state of corrosion of a structure, warning in advance of the need for maintenance interventions, thus extending the life cycle of structures.

After several years of developing structural monitoring solutions, VESAM achieved one of its main goals, managing to identify situations of loosening of bolted connections in structures, through the categorization of various types of connections and analysis of the dynamic behavior of structures.

The vDetect system is able to identify the location of nodes where there are potential situations of failure due to loosening, facilitating their immediate correction at low cost.

The developed solution uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms for the autonomous analysis of the data collected by the monitoring system, identifying and categorizing occasional and definitive deviations in the structure’s response.

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