Life Cycle Of Metallic Structures – An Integrated View Of A Management System

Life Cycle Of Metallic Structures – An Integrated View Of A Management System

Steel and mixed construction presents several advantages that makes it very competitive in comparison to traditional constructions in concrete. Structural members with a reduced cross sectional area and high slenderness, combining simultaneously a high strength capacity and aesthetics, superior quality control, fast fabrication and assembly with immediate availability for use, 100% recyclable raw materials, among others, makes the metallic construction the most suitable solution for emerging markets.
Nevertheless, to stay competitive it is necessary to ensure its sustainability since the generalized use of composite materials can, in a short/medium period of time, to be a threat to the growth of the metallic construction.
This communication describes the problems related with the life cycle of metallic structures, presenting an integrated management system that is being implemented at VESAM, which will give valuable information about the structural behavior in future based in the life history of the structure.



Sílvio Pitra1, Pedro Santos2, Filipe Santos2

1 GRINER, Avenida Pedro de Castro Van-Dúnem Loy, Academia BAI, Bloco C, 2ºEsq., Luanda, Angola
2 VESAM Angola, Polo Industrial de Viana, Estrada de Catete, km 30, Viana, Angola 


Paper presented in “III Congresso Luso-Africano de Construção Metálica Sustentável”, 20-21 November, 2014, Luanda, Angola (in Portuguese)

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