VESAM Method


It is the set of methodologies, procedures and technologies that Vesam uses to guarantee a unique service, distinct from all the competition. We apply the principals of transparency and information sharing: by knowing and sharing the status of all phases of a project in real time, everyone has a detailed view that allows them to intervene whenever necessary, in a timely manner, ensuring compliance with deadlines and budgets .

This principles accompanies all phases of a project, from its planning, manufacture, assembly to its entire life cycle. 

When working with Vesam, you are guaranteed that:

  • what was planned is what is executed
  • the quality is as high as possible
  • the deadline is not exceeded
  • the budget is respected
  • the steel structure will receive the maintenance it needs, when it needs it the steel
  • structure will have maximum durability.


Global planning – All phases of the work, from design to delivery to the customer, are planned in a global model.

Online sharing – The model is made available to the customer, as well as all the monitoring of the progress during the execution of the work.



Connection optimization – Easier to manufacture and assemble.

Commercial measures – We adapt projects to maximize the use of commercial measures of profiles and plates.

Welding engineering – We define optimized weld beads that allow greater manufacturing speed, guaranteeing the final quality of the welded parts.

Eficiency of anti-corrosion treatment – We design structural solutions and prescribe anti-corrosion schemes that allow better performance and durability against corrosion.



Multiple productive capacity – The production of a the same project is distributed to several manufacturing units simultaneously, significantly improving deadlines.

Productive flexibility – We adapt the distribution of projects to the productive means of the different units.



Collaborative platform – All production records are introduced by the players in the production process in real time, and this information is always available online for the customer.

Updated planning – Based on the collaborative platform, planning is updated automatically and digitally, with total transparency for the client.



Digitization – The entire content of the Quality documents, from the mechanical strength of the materials to the recording of tightening moments, is converted into digital information.

Online records – All quality records and evidence are placed and made available on the collaborative platform, allowing faster delivery of quality files.

100% control – All those involved in the production process, from the manufacturer to the inspectors, guarantee control of 100% of the parts produced.

EN1090 Certification – VESAM is an EN ISO 1090 EXC4 certified company. All VESAM partners comply with the EN ISO 1090 standard.



Risk analysis – All assemblies are preceded by an analysis procedure of risks.

Phasing – The assembly plan is built in line with the production and logistics. The parts arrive at the work according to the assembly sequence.

Online assembly report – Daily progress and assembly photos are recorded on the collaborative platform and made available online.

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