VESAM Cycling team – Summer Calendar

VESAM Cycling team – Summer Calendar

Cantanhede VESAM Cycling Team is pleased to announce the launch of our long awaited calendar of events for the summer season. As a sponsor of women’s cycling, we are dedicated to promoting inclusion, empowerment and the pursuit of excellence on two wheels.


The summer calendar is full of exciting and challenging races designed to push the boundaries of our talented athletes and captivate cycling enthusiasts. This year, our team is ready to conquer new horizons, inspire others and leave a lasting impact on the cycling community.

The calendar highlights a diverse range of events, including thrilling road races, demanding time trials and breathtaking mountain stages. Our team has meticulously selected races that showcase our athletes’ strength and skill, but also offer opportunities for growth and development.


We are particularly excited about the 3rd Women’s Tour of Portugal, which starts on the 26th of July. This prestigious race brings together some of Portugal’s most talented female cyclists, offering exciting competition and an extraordinary platform to showcase our team’s skills.

In early September, the team travels to Spain for the La Noctura competition in the province of Pontevedra, adding this international competition to the athletes’ curriculum.


In addition to the races, our team will be actively involved with local communities through various outreach programs. We believe in the power of cycling as a catalyst for positive change and are committed to supporting causes that promote women’s empowerment, health and environmental sustainability.

  • 06/11/2023 – 4th Women’s Portuguese Cup

  • 06/23/2023 – National Road Championship: Elite and Under-23 Women

  • 7/1/2023 – National Time Trial Championship: Female Cadets and Juniors

  • 07/26/2023 – 3rd Women’s Tour of Portugal
  • 08/18/2023 – 2nd Tour of Portugal Women Under-19

  • 02/09/2023 – La Nocturna in Porrino, Pontevedra

  • 09/2023 (forecast) – 5th Portuguese Cup in Tondela

Join us this summer as we embark on this exciting journey. Follow Cantanhede Cycling Team VESAM on social media. Let’s cheer on our remarkable female athletes as they fight for victory and inspire the next generation of female cyclists.

Cantanhede Cycling Team VESAM is a pioneering women’s cycling team dedicated to promoting excellence and empowering women in the world of professional cycling. Through perseverance, passion and commitment to inclusion, our team aims to redefine the boundaries of women’s cycling and inspire athletes around the world.

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